Thursday, August 6, 2009

Speeding Up Windows Explorer

I was talking with a friend today and he told me about this trick he found to speed up Windows Explorer on Windows XP.  I thought I would see if it works for Windows 7.  Sure enough, it worked.  To save time, I’m providing a link to the web site that explains the process. Thanks for the tip Jim!

Look for the section “Speeding things up”.  You will have to make a minor change to your registry.  When making any changes to your registry it’s good practice to back it up first.  You can do this using Windows System Restore (Create Restore Point).  There are other ways too.  Choose the method that works for you.

Speeding up Windows Explorer

I had to add the key, as it was not there in the registry.  I am running Windows 7 RC, but I believe this tweak will work in any version of Windows from XP on.  And you should not have to worry about adding a new Key, even if it doesn’t apply to your version of Windows.  The system will ignore the key if it isn’t used, but if it is used and not set properly then things may not turn out well.  So backup that registry before making changes.  I recommend System Restore for those less technical.

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